When a student decides to do an internship, he/she sets a number of objectives and also has an idea of the advantages and disadvantages such an internship can bring. As a student, when I began my internship at Zentyal some of my own goals were to get some working experience and some credits to complete the computer engineering degree. But I did not know what could happen, so I will tell you about my experience.

In total, I have made five hundred hours of internship, during which my main task has been helping the QA Team to update and create automated tests to verify proper operation of the software. I have covered areas such as programming in Perl and shell script, use of Selenium tool (web application testing system) that is a Firefox add-on and ANSTE tool (Advanced Network Service Testing Environment) for virtualization of machines and running of such tests. In addition, I have also spent time in high-level programming using Perl, and of course, to perform my task I have used and expanded my knowledge of UNIX system and its commands. At the same time, I could study in depth an open source server, gaining better understanding of its operation and some of the services it integrates.

I feel satisfied when I think about the experience gained, I have enhanced my education by participating in the daily life of a company, but I have also enjoyed an independence that has given me the opportunity to get to where I wanted. I have been considered as one of the staff members at all times, I have worked without pressure or obligation and I have never lacked support from the colleagues. Thus, I have been free to take advantage of this internship by checking my own limits, which undoubtedly has been beneficial.

On the other hand, the developed project has great challenges, covering many different fields of industry, which enables a professional growth without limits.

But that has not been all, I have worked with great people, in addition to their help, they have given me a great atmosphere both inside and outside the company. It has been like working in a small family business, although in this case, the small business is a great project and this little family is formed by great professionals.

Freedom, independence and a great atmosphere makes Zentyal a really nice place to work and the project provides an excellent motivation. From my point of view as a student, I could not have picked a better place to do my internship.

A post by Óscar