When the latest updates in the Zentyal Cloud User Interface were released, we thought it was fair enough for the time being, but we all had in our minds that a total change was going to be necessary along the time. We wanted to improve the usability of the interface: make it easier to generate a new report, make it possible to view your Zentyal server farm at first glance…

With this new look, we have made an important change. The workflow has changed to a concept called “context“. A context is an environment you are currently working on. Now Zentyal Cloud has two kinds of contexts, Zentyal Servers and groups of Zentyal Servers. Every feature has turned into context-based feature; configuration backup, alerts, jobs, monitoring, software updates, reporting or our add-ons (Disaster Recovery and Advanced Security Updates) all show different information depending on the context you are in. For instance, you can see alerts from a server and then from another, or you can see the monitoring graphs for the group of your servers and afterwards take a detailed look at one of the servers. The context switching is made gracefully with a slide and search button. So quite a few things have changed, but everything is up there for sure.

A new shiny dashboard is also available, and not only one, but each server and server group has got their own! Now you can see the severe alerts, the connected servers, the latest support issues and a graph of aggregated load for the servers in the group. Moreover, the server dashboard may also show the module status, the remote access or the load graph from the last hour.

Additionally, the Zentyal Cloud settings section has grown and every configurable feature has been moved here. For instance, the group, job or report management are now more visible in this part of the application.

Finally, we have worked very hard on monitoring feature to be more intuitive and powerful in the Zentyal Cloud side. We have switched our plotting library to flot and we have added the feature of querying custom period of times to check what happened yesterday from 1pm to 2:34pm.

But I have to stop talking and let you take a look on the new interface that will be made available later this week (remember that you can get a free Basic Subscription to see Zentyal Cloud in action):

[nggallery id=1]

This is the direction we have taken to improve the usability of Zentyal Cloud and we will bring on improving it with your feedback as well as including new features to make Zentyal Cloud even more useful and easy to use.

To sum up, the context is the key of the new look & feel. Do you think this is more usable and useful? We do :).

A post by Enrique Hernandez