It has been a long time since we decided to create Fluffy, but finally, Fluffy is here among us.

Fluffy is here

Why a mascot?

Since the very beginning of the Zentyal project we always wanted to have a mascot for a number of reasons. In the first place, we think that a mascot is a positive eye-catcher, able to grab people’s attention more easily than a logo or any other visual resource.

It also helps to build good feeling among the community: people can identify more easily with a little human like mascot than just with a name or a logo and in addition, it can also help to spread the word of the project.

Apart from that, a mascot is a very versatile resource, it can be used to make the users smile during the installation process, reinforce messages, it can be helpful for creating merchandising, etc.

Why Fluffy is a panda bear?

So what is the reason that our mascot is an adorable, curious, big-headed panda bear? First of all because we like panda bears, they are robust like Zentyal products, peaceful like Zentyal family, and they come from oriental “Zen” culture that matches with the  Zentyal project philosophy.

The first drafts of Fluffy saw light as forum avatars, created by Antonio (a friend of the project), during a long road trip to Wacken festival. The aim of the avatars was to represent the different forum member levels, going from basic user level, “Apprentice” to most advance user level “Hero”, and they looked this this:

fluffy forums avatars

Why Fluffy is called Fluffy?

We got the name of Fluffy basically from the next scene of the movie Despicable Me. Zentyal staff has also a inclination to become fluffy over time, so it seemed an appropriate name for our mascot!

And finally, let’s make your own Fluffy!

Now to start off on the right foot with Fluffy, let’s see how you can create your very own Fluffy cube.

1- Download and print the template:  Fluffy cube template

2- Get a scissors, some glue and follow the instructions

3- When your Fluffy is ready, upload a picture of yourself and your Fluffy to your Facebook account and tag Zentyal (or send us the picture to info at In one week Zentyal staff will choose the coolest pictures and will contact you to send you a small package by mail!

cube FluffyDIY Fluffy cube

A post by Javier Fernandez