Movember has arrived to Zentyal

Most of you would already know about that annual event called Movember. For those who don’t here is a brief summary: some dudes (Mo Bros) let grow their moustaches during the month of November. So there it is the combination of those two words, moustache and November, that builds the Movember event. I am sure you have noticed some other Mo Bros at the TV or maybe you just thought how horrible was that young guy with that ridiculous moustache. But everything has an explanation.

We let grow our moustaches during the month of November to raise the awareness of prostate cancer, other male diseases and associated charities. We want to “change the face of men’s health”, so one our duties consists in answering everyone who ask us about our moustache with a great speech about men’s health and the importance of getting an annual check-up.

We can also ask for donations to the Movember Foundation, which also has run events all around the world to raise founds for men’s health issues like the prior quoted prostate cancer, depression or testicular cancer. So here we are. Some of us at the Zentyal’s HQ are wearing a terrible┬ámoustache, it doesn’t look nice, but we do not care about it; we are proud to explain everyone, including our workmates, why we are wearing this.

Do not worry! It looks better day by day, and you will start recognising yourself after a few days. Now it is your turn. Now you might become the next antenna to spread Movember message, you will notice that you are not walking alone as you would see other Mo Bros around.

Let’s do it!

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A post by Miguel Julián