Zentyal stuff with Xavy at BeCode

A few days ago two of us went to “La Cueva” (The Cave) at Valencia. La Cueva is the name that BeCode’s people give to their facilities, guess why? Well, it is not that cold and dark, but it does not seem to be like other development companies facilities. It is a ground floor of a building they all share, and it is also the place where they also organise open workshops for the neighbourhood (bicycle fixing, guitar lessons, WordPress workshops, …).

Inspired by the Desk Surfing movement, we decided to ask them for a place to work and exchange knowledge and opinion. Thus we arrived and they all welcomed us at their daily meeting and started working. It seemed that we arrived there at one of the coldest week in Valencia, but the environment there (and the heaters) made feel us warmer.

In those three days we had time enough for talking about many topics. We could practice with fluid interfaces with a Javascript kata with Jasmine lead by Xavy. We also share points of view about testing strategies at complex architectures (like Zentyal’s one), and we also talked about design patterns and SOLID concepts in software development.

You managed to make us feel like if we were at home, so from this little internet corner we would like to thank you all your dedication and efforts. Be sure that we will back, better sooner than later, mainly because we already miss those beer talks. Thank you for everything.

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A post by Miguel Julián