Awesomeness by small and affordable tasks

We all know that goals are important in our life. Yes, you are right, I said “life” and not only “work”. If you are used to work with goals, have you tried with them in your personal life? But I am not writing about life goals. Today I would like to write about some of those epidemics that are spreading all around the world: Poor concrete goals.

Doh! “Poor concrete” would not be the right words. Your goal in this project is to develop a huge web administration tool, users will be able to…. and administrator will be able to delete… when a “friend” is deleted a soft deletion will take place… and… do not forget to enable… is it clear? Of course it is. But, once you have to play the ball, the goal would seem to be huge and unaffordable.

We all have started a work day and felt that that day we did not want to do anything. Better sleeping habits could help, but probably the problem was the task that had to be done. Too complex? Too repetitive? Too difficult for you? Or you just simply do not like it. Let’s take a magic spacecraft.

Maybe you could fly up away your task. This would give you a clear and motivational context. Isn’t it clear? Don’t be so tight! Imaginary fuel is free, you can fly up higher and higher. Now you can see your company’s main direction and you may take a look at how it aligns to your personal and family life.

But I told you this was about avoiding “poor concrete goals”, once you have achieved a fully (I am always optimistic) motivational state it is time to dive deep into that task with we do not want to face up, let’s use again our magic spacecraft. It is everything about divide and conquer. Simple and smaller tasks use to be more affordable and motivating. Why do not use them? Now you only have to manage those tasks.

Internet is plenty of web tools that would help, but this is not about platforms, this is about you. It sounds aggressive, but it I promise, it is all about you. Sometimes simple is best. You can write them out on a whiteboard, on a piece of paper, or why not?, on a window glass with that whiteboard marker you have. But writing them out is not enough.

Apart from doing them, the key point is deleting them from your list. You can play basketball with the post-it, or you might burn it; maybe you would rather cross off the task with unusual passion. You have finished a task, you deserve a reward, so take it! No one is gonna give it to you (at least sooner enough), you have to take it by yourself. Take it and enjoy your work.

A post by Miguel Julián