Music at Zentyal’s HQ (pt. I)

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One of the most recurrent topics at Zentyal’s HQ is music. In fact it use to conclude with some actual plush toy throwings and a heavy rain of axes. Our tastes may not differ a lot, but we actually love those confrontations. So, why not writing some lines to share our tastes with you all?

Firstly I thought that it would be fine to ask my everyone at the HQ for one of their favourite songs. Though if was harder than expected, for some it was pretty hard to narrow down the scope, and others were just only lazy, here there are some of the ones I gathered. Hope you like them… or not (mind your head, axes will be flying towards it).

Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple

Julio, our quality assurance guru just kept that simple with a classic: Smoke On The Water from the great Deep Purple (Glover, Blackmore and friends). In fact this song represented one of his first hard rock songs when he was a child, so it was a good way to introduce himself into the rock world, isn’t it? You can watch a live performance on Youtube if you want.

A.D.I.D.A.S. – Korn

Let’s come close to the present with Fernando’s choice. Nowadays it could even be considered a classic, but A.D.I.D.A.S. from the American band Korn is what he needs to cheer himself up while working. Again here you have the link to the official video on Youtube.

The Final Sacrifice – Avantasia

Hard rock classics, nu metal pioneers on our list, so now you can imagine how could our talks verse about. But here shows up Zei with his choice. Avantasia is a power metal supergroup headed by Tobias Sammet, and The Final Sacrifice is one of their bests. Prepare you ears, and listen it on Youtube.

Adagio For Tron – Tron Legacy OST

Well, it seems that guitars, basses and drums cope out music taste… but Blaxter has always something different in mind. The song he sent me is from the Tron Legacy OST, and it would chill down everyone here at the HQ. Check it out at Youtube, it is Adagio For Tron from Daft Punk.

Only For The Weak – In Flames

It is time for the last song of this post. Let me show my own choice. It always gives me a plus while developing, fingers seems to type faster and everything seem easier. My choice is Only For The Weak, from the Swedish band In Flames. It is great, and by far, it is the best song of this list (of course, it’s mine!). Check their live performance out at Youtube.

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A post by Miguel Julián

“Zentyal is secure by default”

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We have had special guests at Zentyal HQ during the first weeks of the year. A few staff members of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) visited us to take a training course, focused especially on security and how to optimize Zentyal server configuration to guarantee security in institutional environments. The course was jointly delivered by Zentyal and ACS Labs, UK-based IT support and service provider specialized in information security and Zentyal Partner.

Mussa Khonje, Computer Security Director at ACS Labs, UK, Nathan Soko and Duncain Taipi, respectively IT Officer and Director of Communications of Malawi Defence Force explained us why Zentyal software responds successfully to the main challenges regarding information security.

Zentyal: What would you say are the typical IT needs and challenges in defence force environments?

ACS Labs: The need to protect the banks, for example, is internationally recognized. When the armed conflict between Russia and Georgia took place in 2008, one of its effects was that people in Georgia could not draw money from banks. Since then organizations such as United Nations or NATO have implemented more rules to safeguard information security and how to tackle cyber operations. This is a new threat that is growing and changing all the time so there is a need to invest in this and it is also the direction the defence forces are taking.

MDF: Defence forces are not anymore all about armed defense, we believe that one must also be prepared for software attacks, to mitigate these attacks and to secure information. If your IT systems are being attacked or hacked, you should be able to make sure these systems can not be easily penetrated, that you are able to keep the information safe and secure the correct functioning of the government.

Zentyal: What are the benefits of Zentyal in comparison to other solutions?

ACS Labs: Zentyal’s position is unique because it is a one platform with so many solutions. It is a well-tested system, with constant security updates and also very flexible to changes on technology. With other solutions you find a big gap: you need to download the software updates and implement them to the machines, what takes a week or more, and during this time the hackers can attack your system. Zentyal offers customers fast and automatic updates.

MDF: Zentyal includes many services that in other software solutions come in different packages. Moreover, Zentyal integrates these services in all-in-one solution and it is very easy-to-use, just by clicking. We believe it is a powerful software that helps to control many security issues.

Zentyal: So, we heard that during the course you were simulating attacks to different machines in order to test their vulnerability. What were the results?

MDF: Yes, we were going into Zentyal software and other software products to test how difficult is to penetrate them. It took us five minutes to go into the proprietary product. Zentyal instead resisted the attack even though we know Zentyal rather well. When you configure it properly, it mitigates completely the attack.

ACS Labs: In the Zentyal Summit of 2012 ACS Labs tested and presented the findings we knew about the strength of Zentyal. It is intelligent to use Zentyal because it is secure by default. If you configure Zentyal very well and you have great security policy, you will always keep your infrastructure protected.

Zentyal: What would you highlight from the course?

MDF: The teacher, Mateo Burillo, went far much deeper than we expected. We believe you Zentyal guys have chosen someone who has deep knowledge about what we were interested in.

A post by Marta Cambronero

Zentyal’s Scrum

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After the fantastic workshop we have the last month about Agile Methodologies, the two development teams working in Zentyal decide to start doing Scrum.

scrum in zentyal
We will start doing it bit a bit, not all at the same time. In this way people will get used to it and will feel more like a Kaizen process than a big Kaikaku. Stand up’s, visualization of the workflow in a task board and retrospectives will be the starting point for the two teams. From there we hope to be adding more stuff incrementally till it starts looking more like a proper Scrum, with sprints, planning meetings and all the other stuff. We will experiment with all this, see what fit us and thrown away the things that don’t fit in our company culture.

So, as you can see we have a large path to walk. We will try to improve our process a lot and hopefully you will notice this improvement in a even better quality of our products.

A post by Julio José García Martín

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