Spoiler alert! A new Zentyal.org site coming soon!

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Zentyal Team is proud to announce that a new Zentyal.org website is coming soon! This is something that we have had in our minds for quite some time already and now we are extremely glad to let you know that next Wednesday May 29 is the day when it will go live!

The main goals have been to improve the hierarchy and structure of the website in order to make it easier to access and share interesting information. We have also wanted to highlight the How-tos and tutorials made by Zentyal users so that all this great content will become more accessible for the whole community to enjoy it!

The site has been divided in four major blocks of content with the aim of making it much easier and quicker to find what you are looking for. Moreover some new pages have been included: Technical features of Zentyal server, external how-tos, information on training, visual resources and ideas on how you can contribute to the project.

Here you can see a detail of the four main sections on the homepage:

And here you have a detail on how the News section will look like:

A full list of technical features of Zentyal server will be available at one sight:

So, stay tuned! The new site will go live on May 29 and you can join the Zentyal Team to spread the word of the coolest website in the world ;)!

A post by Marta Cambronero

Music at Zentyal’s HQ (pt. II)

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It seemed that five songs could be good enough for a post, so here we go with another five different songs from the people at Zentyal HQ. Suspicions were right, we are actually persons, sometimes even humans, and we use to work listening to music at our headphones. Thus, I hope you could know us a little ‘byte’ more with these posts.

xX_SpOiLeR aLeRt_Xx (xD) It seems that in this song squad classics have arrived, but also some Spanish themes, so get your ears ready for these songs chosen by people at Zentyal HQ. If there would be a hidden camera over here, you will notice that headbanging duels is a local sport. Guess why? Let’s discover it!

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Ironman movie is cool, but we all agree that it is because of those AC/DC moments. Anyway, Mateo’s choice should be on that place where only brilliant songs deserve to be at. Thunderstruck is one of those, simple but great. Let’s listen to it in this live performance.

Jorn – Blacksong

Melodic guitars and Jorn Lande’s voice; perfect ingredients for a terrific recipe. It was hard for Neru to choose just only one song for these posts, but after several changes this was the chosen one. What do you think? Check it out at Youtube.

Joaquín Sabina – Y sin embargo

Joaquín Sabina is one of the best sing-songwriter in Spain. Some of his songs are widely know over here, and this is one of those. It does not matter which kind of music do you like, everyone will know these lyrics. Let’s check out Exekias’ choice in Youtube (You can turn on English subtitles, highly recommended).

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

Talking about classics, here it comes a newer one. Everyone who listen to that first song notes would recognise it. Maybe not the title or the band, but sooner or later everyone has listen to it. Do not know the song? Listen to Bencer’s choice!

Tachenko – Escapatoria

To conclude with this second instalment a local band come up. Tachenko is an indie pop band from Zaragoza, but it is also sixstone’s choice. It is impossible not cheering up while listening to this song, check it out.

A post by Miguel Julián

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