Zentyal server includes the most common network infrastructure services required by any type of organization. In fact, besides being used in small and medium enterprises, it is very popular in the education sector. Thanks to its ease of deployment and maintenance, many primary and secondary schools meet their network infrastructure needs using Zentyal server.

In this post we would like bring your attention to this Master Thesis project entitled ZentyES: Managing a secondary school network with Zentyal that will be useful for those system administrators and computer teachers looking for a complete network management solution for their education center. In this document you will find detailed information about how to deploy a Zentyal-based computer network in a secondary school and how to set it up quickly through Zentyal’s easy-to-use web interface.

The author of this project Guadalupe Bermejo has done a great job and we are proud to broadcast it on our channels. Her Master’s Thesis, written in Spanish, has been carried out within the Master in Free Software of Università Oberta de Catalunya. The project provides an analysis of requirements and alternatives, together with an implementation study with great attention to detail, extensive documentation and justification of decisions, all with an impressive level of professionalism.

The network architecture proposed in the project meets the current requirements of the center, but also takes into account the future needs. A thorough description of the implementation, with detailed screenshots and explanations have been included for the present and future system administrators to ease the understanding. Concretely, Bermejo proposes how to manage the local network infrastructure with DHCP and DNS services, to use the gateway for Internet access, and HTTP proxy for content filtering. [1]

If interested, you can learn about some other real use cases in schools where Zentyal-based solutions are used. For example, the use case of Studenterkursus High School in Aalborg, Denmark, that uses Zentyal as Office Server, Gateway and infrastructure manager. And the use case in the Department of Education of Aragon (Spain), that has deployed over 80 Zentyal servers in schools across the region.

During these years we have found out that many times it is the computer science teachers who actually take charge of maintaining their center’s network infrastructure and thanks to this, many learn about Zentyal. In case of vocation education centers, when teachers find out that Zentyal server includes most of the functionality they teach to their students, grouped in an all-in-one solution with an easy-to-use web interface, they often decide to include Zentyal studies in their training programs. And this is how Zentyal Academy, training program for official vocational education centers, was born! Read more about Zentyal Academy in this post about our participation in PUE’s Tech Learning Day and at Academy Program-page.

[1] Please note that the project is based on Zentyal 2.2, so if you plan to use it step by step to create your own Zentyal network, you might find out that there are some slight changes. But in essence it is very similar to Zentyal 3.0 so that it can perfectly serve as a basic guide.

A post by Marta Cambronero