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Tune up your Fluffy (Xmas update)!


Christmas themed Fluffy

To celebrate the holiday season and the brand new year 2013, Zentyal Team has prepared a Xmas-themed update for your Fluffy! Happy holidays!


1. Download and print the Fluffy cube template
2. Download and print the Xmas update
3. Get a pair of scissors, some glue and follow the instructions
4. Upload a picture of your Fluffy to your Facebook or Twitter account and tag Zentyal :)!

How metrics help to take decisions about free software? Find out during Zentyal Summit (1 day to go!)


Zentyal server project analysis by Bitergia

Jesús González Barahona, one of the keynote speakers of Zentyal Summit 2012 published today a basic analysis of the Zentyal server project based on the activity on the mailing lists and code management repository.

After a quick view to the data and jogging my memory, the major changes seem logical due to some internal changes we have carried out over the years. I’m quite curious to find out what else can be found out based on publicly available data and if there are any recommendations or best practices that could be carried out to improve the project based on this data.

Let’s see if we’ll find out this tomorrow! Jesús’ talk will be held from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. and it will also be streamed.

Sneak peek to Zentyal Summit 2012 preparations (2 days to go!)


Assembling the over 200 Zentyal Summit 2012 badges

Assembling of the over 200 Zentyal Summit 2012 badges. Estimated time: 30 minutes. Photo taken: 4 hours later, some 50 badges still to go. Slogan of the day: Always optimistic!

If you want one of these cool badges, you totally have to be registered ;)! See you at Zentyal Summit in just two days!

It’s all coming together for the Summit (3 days to go!)


Some of the Zentyal Summit 2012 materials

So, little by little everything is coming together for the Zentyal Summit 2012! Zentyal staff members not usually located in Zaragoza have started to come together (yay!), big brown cardboard boxes can be found at every corner of the Zentyal HQ and starting from tomorrow, we’re expecting the very first guests to arrive. All very exciting :)! And more so, because today we hit the milestone of 200 registered attendees (double yay!)

Stay tuned or come to find out by yourself what’s all this fuss about ;)!

Nº 1 reason to come to Zentyal Summit: Great content (4 days to go!)


I want YOU for the Zentyal Summit 2012!

Since the first edition we’ve had it very clear: To make the yearly Zentyal Summit successful, the content must be outstanding. The event lasts for two days and we are well aware of the cost of sending attendees to events, so we’ve wanted to make sure it is really worth of it.

You have the full program here so you can see it for yourself, but who do we think that should actually attend?

1. IT service providers

Are you looking for new revenue streams for your business? Thinking about moving from hardware-based portfolio to SAAS-model? From value added reseller (VAR) to a managed service provider (MSP)?

If yes, you should definitively be at the Summit. IT providers such as Leucotron and Neodoo will be explaining how they have already done the move with Zentyal.

You will also have the chance to learn how IT-providers can create their own service portfolios based on Zentyal. And to understand further how Zentyal can help your IT business, there is a large number of both commercial and technical workshops aimed at IT providers, specially during the whole Thursday.

2. Current and potential users of the Zentyal Linux small business server

Are you already using Zentyal server at your business? Or perhaps you are still evaluating and testing it?

If so, you should also join the Summit – There are plenty of hands-on workshops that will be more than useful when deploying a Zentyal server, choosing a hardware for your installation, migrating from Windows environments, or integrating Zentyal server with other applications such as ERP or CRM.

Moreover, if you want to get to the bottom of the latest Zentyal server features, such as Samba4 and Single sign-on, find out what is planned for the next Zentyal server versions or how Zentyal community works, this is the place to be. You will have the whole Zentyal Development Team on site for questioning ;)!

3. Start-up owners interested in external investment.

Do you have a start-up with an innovative product? Are you interested in external investment to grow your business quicker?

If the answers are “yes” and “yes”, be there for Tom Henriksson’s keynote. Tom is a Partner at Open Ocean, an investment company that helps European entrepreneurs to build disruptive software companies – You will most certainly be able to gain interesting insights thanks to his talk. Open Ocean was the first company to invest in MySQL so they know what they are talking about.

So, what are you waiting for? There are still few seats left and you can book yours here.

Zentyal Summit 2012, where is that? (5 days to go!)


Zentyal Summit 2012 at the Edificio Seminario Zaragoza City Hall

I had a short stroll around the city this evening and took this pic just for you! There have been many questions about WHERE the Zentyal Summit 2012 will be held. And as a picture is worth a thousand words: this is how it should look like when you get to the Summit venue (the bike is optional ;)!)

So, the exact address of the venue is Vía Hispanidad 20, 50009 Zaragoza, and the name Edificio Seminario, Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, which translates to Metropolitan Seminary of Zaragoza City Hall. It easy to get here, but remember to check the address beforehand. Zaragoza City Hall has many venues and if you simply ask for the “Zaragoza City Hall” or “Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza”, you will be most likely directed to the venue in the city center THAT IS NOT THE ONE where the Summit will be held at.

And just to sum up briefly how to get Zentyal Summit 2012 venue, you can choose between bus, tram, bike, taxi, or your own car.

  • Bus: Lines 40, 35 and 42 will get you there. A single ticket costs 1,25€ and you can get it directly from the bus (have coins ready!).
  • Tram: There is one, single tram line. Hop off at the stop called “Casablanca” and you will find the venue after few minutes walk (500m). A single ticket costs 1,25€ and you have to get it before hopping in (there is a vending machine at every stop).
  • Bike: You can get a city bike pass for three days and bike to the venue. 3-day pass costs 5€ so it’s quite inexpensive – There is a bike park just next to the venue too! Check the details here and remember: it’s obligatory drive safely!
  • Car: There is a Parking right below the venue and if you have some time, you will also probably find free parking easily around the area.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in 5 days :)!

Zentyal 3.0 manuals fresh from the oven at the Zentyal Summit 2012 (6 days to go!)


Zentyal for Network Administrators - Zentyal 3.0 Manual
(Photo courtesy of Rueda Dibuja)

Zentyal 3.0 manuals do exist! Or will exist shortly, thanks to the huge effort made by our wonderful Zentyal Documentation Team 2012: Mateo, Rueda, Eloy & Fernando! I just received this picture and confirmation that the final version of the books (in both English and Spanish) will be sent to the print workshop tomorrow morning so they should make it in time to the Zentyal Summit 2012!

Do you want to have your own copy? If you are coming to the Summit, take advantage of the 20% discount we will offer to all attendees (and save the delivery costs!), OR make a pre-order prior to the 4th of October and get the book with 15% discount.

Another good reason to make it to the Zentyal Summit 2012, don’t you think ;)?

Zentyal Summit 2012 hashtag: #zs2012 (7 days to go!)


Zentyal Summit 2012 hashtag #zs2012

In this series of “Countdown to Zentyal Summit 2012” posts this post is an all-time winner when it comes to brevity. Simple & easy: When microblogging about the “Zentyal Summit 2012 – Talking Linux to Small Businesses“, please do use this hashtag! Thanks :)!

Follow the little men to the Summit (8 days to go!)


Follow these fellows to Zentyal Summit 2012

Take a good look at these little fellows! They are the most recent addition to the Zentyal crew and due to their good looks and stunning moves, they are the Zentyal crew members who will be pointing you to the correct direction once you have reached the Zentyal Summit 2012 venue!

On a side note, this post has reminded me of the dilemma of what would be the best demonym for Zentyal (kind of shorter for “Zentyal staff member”). Zentyalians? Zentyalese? Zentyalies? Not convinced… Any advice on this fundamental question is received with eternal gratitude :)!

Who’s ready for Zentyal Summit 2012? (9 days to go!)


Fluffy getting ready for Zentyal Summit 2012
(Photo courtesy of The Yllw Line)

Sneak peek at Fluffy, Zentyal’s perhaps still little known mascot! As you can see, Fluffy is nearly ready for the Zentyal Summit 2012 (Oct. 4-5), but how about you?

During the two days of the Summit, there are tons of interesting talks and workshops that you should definitively attend! Here is a short check list that will help you to get ready for the Summit:

  • Aren’t quite decided yet on whether to attend or not? Did you see the program? Three words for you: Check it out. If you are into Linux-based IT infrastructure management in small and medium businesses, it is quite an interesting program. Just saying.
  • But isn’t it too late now to make travel arrangements? NO! You are still perfectly in time. Fly directly to Zaragoza (from London, Brussels, Milan, Paris and many Spanish cities) or fly to Barcelona or Madrid and then take a bus or train to Zaragoza. Travel and accommodation costs are pretty inexpensive, so you can still do this!
  • Next step: Remember to register! The event is free, but for the Zentyal Team it is important that you register so we know how many attendees there will be (and it will grant you your name badge).
  • Nearly ready and set then! Just remember to tell your friends and colleagues that you are coming! Feel free to use the Zentyal Summit 2012 poster and the hashtag #zs2012 to spread word about this event!
  • We’re looking forward to seeing you at Zentyal Summit 2012 in just 9 days :)!

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