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Zentyal Academy – Training the future system administrators



As few of you might remember, Zentyal Academy (eBox Academy at that moment) was launched last April and as we’ve been working hard on it ever since, I thought about giving you an update on our advances!

If you are not yet familiar with Zentyal Academy, you should know that it is a certified training program similar to Microsoft IT Academy or Cisco Networking Academy. The program is mainly aimed at vocational education centers (it is compatible with the European vocational curriculum) and its main purpose is to complement the currently offered Linux-based network management training with practical knowledge and easy-to-use open source network management tool.

Since the publication of the academy program, we have been working on a pilot program with about ten vocational education centers located in the region in order to improve the courseware offered to the Zentyal Training Academies – Currently we’re in the final phase of the pilot program and we believe we’ve improved enormously both the course contents and the training platform, as well as the complementary materials offered to teachers.

However, although the course contents and training materials are undoubtedly the hearth and soul of our academy program, they are not nearly enough to respond comprehensively to the needs and expectations of both education centers and the students. During the last six months we’ve finished preparing two indispensable complements: the certification exam (Zentyal Certified Associate) and the “Zentyal for Network Administrators” manual, that is currently available in Spanish. And simultaneously, we’ve also prepared special Training Academy materials, such as presentations, posters, plaques… that help to communicate better the value of the Zentyal Academy program in the interested education centers.

And the future looks bright! Just few months ago we signed a partnership agreement with the very first Regional Training Academy (for Spain), that will be in charge of managing and supporting all those public and private education centers that want to introduce certified Zentyal training to their training programs. And during the first quarter of this year we plan to have the “Zentyal for Network Administrators” manual available also in English, thing that – we believe – will help us to expand the academy program further in Europe and elsewhere.

Interested in becoming a Zentyal Training Academy? Simply fill in this form or drop us a line. Or leave any additional questions below in the comments!

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“Zentyal Academy – Training the future system administrators”

  1. On January 6th, 2012 at 07:13 marurat lbn toruan Says:

    i am very intersting to join with zentyal academy. can you show me more information. thank you

  2. On January 9th, 2012 at 11:49 hvilppola Says:

    Hi Marurat Ibn Toruan!

    Great to hear that you are interested in the Zentyal Academy Program! For additional information about the program, check out this section: http://www.zentyal.com/en/training/academyprogram/

    If you fill in this Training Partner Request: http://www.zentyal.com/en/training/join/ you will be shortly contacted by our Partner Coordinator with additional information.



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