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Who’s ready for Zentyal Summit 2012? (9 days to go!)


Fluffy getting ready for Zentyal Summit 2012
(Photo courtesy of The Yllw Line)

Sneak peek at Fluffy, Zentyal’s perhaps still little known mascot! As you can see, Fluffy is nearly ready for the Zentyal Summit 2012 (Oct. 4-5), but how about you?

During the two days of the Summit, there are tons of interesting talks and workshops that you should definitively attend! Here is a short check list that will help you to get ready for the Summit:

  • Aren’t quite decided yet on whether to attend or not? Did you see the program? Three words for you: Check it out. If you are into Linux-based IT infrastructure management in small and medium businesses, it is quite an interesting program. Just saying.
  • But isn’t it too late now to make travel arrangements? NO! You are still perfectly in time. Fly directly to Zaragoza (from London, Brussels, Milan, Paris and many Spanish cities) or fly to Barcelona or Madrid and then take a bus or train to Zaragoza. Travel and accommodation costs are pretty inexpensive, so you can still do this!
  • Next step: Remember to register! The event is free, but for the Zentyal Team it is important that you register so we know how many attendees there will be (and it will grant you your name badge).
  • Nearly ready and set then! Just remember to tell your friends and colleagues that you are coming! Feel free to use the Zentyal Summit 2012 poster and the hashtag #zs2012 to spread word about this event!
  • We’re looking forward to seeing you at Zentyal Summit 2012 in just 9 days :)!

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