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Follow the little men to the Summit (8 days to go!)


Follow these fellows to Zentyal Summit 2012

Take a good look at these little fellows! They are the most recent addition to the Zentyal crew and due to their good looks and stunning moves, they are the Zentyal crew members who will be pointing you to the correct direction once you have reached the Zentyal Summit 2012 venue!

On a side note, this post has reminded me of the dilemma of what would be the best demonym for Zentyal (kind of shorter for “Zentyal staff member”). Zentyalians? Zentyalese? Zentyalies? Not convinced… Any advice on this fundamental question is received with eternal gratitude :)!

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“Follow the little men to the Summit (8 days to go!)”

  1. On September 27th, 2012 at 00:02 J. A. Calvo Says:

    Zentyalers is the obvious one, but even better: Zentynels ;P


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