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Zentyal Summit 2012, where is that? (5 days to go!)


Zentyal Summit 2012 at the Edificio Seminario Zaragoza City Hall

I had a short stroll around the city this evening and took this pic just for you! There have been many questions about WHERE the Zentyal Summit 2012 will be held. And as a picture is worth a thousand words: this is how it should look like when you get to the Summit venue (the bike is optional ;)!)

So, the exact address of the venue is Vía Hispanidad 20, 50009 Zaragoza, and the name Edificio Seminario, Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, which translates to Metropolitan Seminary of Zaragoza City Hall. It easy to get here, but remember to check the address beforehand. Zaragoza City Hall has many venues and if you simply ask for the “Zaragoza City Hall” or “Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza”, you will be most likely directed to the venue in the city center THAT IS NOT THE ONE where the Summit will be held at.

And just to sum up briefly how to get Zentyal Summit 2012 venue, you can choose between bus, tram, bike, taxi, or your own car.

  • Bus: Lines 40, 35 and 42 will get you there. A single ticket costs 1,25€ and you can get it directly from the bus (have coins ready!).
  • Tram: There is one, single tram line. Hop off at the stop called “Casablanca” and you will find the venue after few minutes walk (500m). A single ticket costs 1,25€ and you have to get it before hopping in (there is a vending machine at every stop).
  • Bike: You can get a city bike pass for three days and bike to the venue. 3-day pass costs 5€ so it’s quite inexpensive – There is a bike park just next to the venue too! Check the details here and remember: it’s obligatory drive safely!
  • Car: There is a Parking right below the venue and if you have some time, you will also probably find free parking easily around the area.
  • Looking forward to seeing you in 5 days :)!

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