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7th of February 2012 – The Tie Day


All tied up

We were glad to give a warm welcome to another new Zentyal staff member yesterday. To give a correct impression right from the start, we told him to come in dressed casual and got ourselves all dressed up (well, some forgot, but they voluntarily hid themselves in the server room). As he also showed up at the office this morning, it seems that he didn’t mind the practical joke ;)! Welcome Eloy!

2011 – It’s a wrap!


Year 2011 at Zentyal

Few highlights of the year 2011 at Zentyal! It was a busy, exciting, interesting and funny year, with many good laughs and moments – Thanks for everybody on my behalf, I’m looking forward to this new year 2012!

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Find a tricksy bug and get your own Zentyal t-shirt!


Zentyal t-shirts The second Zentyal 2.2 release candidate (Zentyal 2.2-rc2) is now out and the Development Team is challenging the Community Members to participate in the bug hunt! The most active bug-reporters as well as the people who report the trickiest bugs (severe, hard to find, affects most users) will be rewarded with Zentyal t-shirts, that many of you have been asking for!


1. How to report the bug correctly?
Check first if the bug was reported already. If not, you can report the bug via the Zentyal server UI (if the crash appears there) or manually via the Zentyal bug tracker. If the bug was reported already, don’t worry, you can still help by confirming that you have reproduced it and giving additional details about it.

Please note that it is absolutely necessary to include detailed steps to reproduce the issue you have faced (so that the Dev. Team can fix it): If you are reporting manually, include at least the /var/log/zentyal/zentyal.log file or any other useful information you think it’s related with your issue. Screenshots are also welcome if you think they will help us to see the problem.

2. What if someone reports the same bug?

In the case of a duplicate bug report, the report first filed is the one considered valid.

3. It’s fairly easy to see who are the most active bug-reporters, but who decides what’s a tricksy bug?

This will be done by the Zentyal Development Team members (jacalvo, sixstone, jsalamero…) who will receive your bug reports and who’ll reproduce and fix the issues.

4. Until when I can participate?

This particular campaign is valid until the release of Zentyal 2.2, but naturally we encourage you to continue submitting bug reports after the release as well (we’ll continue rewarding the most active reporters and the tricksiest reported bugs).

5. So, now what?

Download the latest Zentyal server release candidate, install it in a testing environment, configure it as if was your production environment and let us know if you come up with any bug!

We’re looking forward to receiving your reports!

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How to translate Zentyal server to your language (using Pootle)!


There are plenty of things one can do to help his/her favorite open source project to grow and gain more visibility and users, and fortunately all of them do not require programming skills at all! In the Zentyal server project, for example, the localization i.e. the translation of the server user interface is made extremely easy for anyone who simply has goodwill, knowledge of English (the language you’re translating from) and knowledge of another language (the language you want to translate to).

In order to encourage Zentyal users and fans to translate Zentyal to other languages and to help to complete the already started translations, I wanted to share a short post with you, showing how easy it really is to start translating Zentyal server to your own language.

So, the first thing to do is to go to Zentyal’s Pootle-based translation site. If you are not familiar with Pootle, let’s just say that it is a web translation tool that offers easy-to-use, graphical user interface for carrying out the translation process of different applications. And (of course ;)) it’s also an open source project.

In the home page, on the left you have a list of languages Zentyal has already been translated to/started to translate and next to each language, you can see a progress bar that indicates how complete the translation is. If in this list you can’t find the language you want to translate Zentyal to, just send an email to the Zentyal’s internationalization mailing list and ask for a new “language project”, mentioning the language you would like to be added. Once “your language” is on the list, click on the Register button in the upper right corner of the screen to create your user account.

Zentyal Translation Site

Zentyal Translation Site

Next you will be asked for some basic information (user name, email address and account password) to create your account and once you have filled in this data, simply click on Register.

Register as a user

Register as a user

Then your math skills are tested, just to check if you are human or not. Type in the answer and click on Confirm.

Checking if you are human...

Checking if you are human...

Next screen tells you that your registration is complete and you have been sent an email to the address you indicated earlier, to activate your account. Go to your mailbox, open the Pootle Registration message and click on the link to activate your account.

Registration complete

Registration complete

Your account has been now activated and you only need to log in to configure your account and start translating!

Account Activated!

Account Activated!

Simply type in your user name and password, choose the Pootle interface language you want to use and click on Login.

Login to your account

Login to your account

You are now at your account’s home page and you should choose the languages you want to translate to. To do this, simply click on the No languages or projects selected. Choose yours now. link or go to the Settings page.



On the Settings page you configure five simple values. Number of rows means how many phrases to translate are shown in the same page – you can just leave it with default value. Then let´s choose again the preferred Interface language. In the Languages option you choose the language you want to translate Zentyal to and in the Projects option you choose the translation project you want to contribute to (Zentyal). Next, you can choose Alternative Source Languages; the default source language you translate from is English, but if you are fluent in other languages, it is useful to choose here these languages as they will also appear while you translate and help you to figure out the best translation for each phrase. Finally just click on Save.

Configure your account settings

Configure your account settings

Now you are back at your account’s home page; as you see, the language(s) you have chosen to translate to have been added here. Click on Zentyal.

Go to translate

Go to translate

Here you are shown an overview of your languages’ translation status: how many words are translated, how many words are left to translate, how complete the translation is (%) and who are the translators who have already contributed to the project. The quickest way to start translating, is to click on the X words need attention link in the Summary column: it takes you to the first untranslated word/phrase (also called “string”) of your language.

Dashboard of your language

Dashboard of your language

Now you are about to translate your first string! As you can see, the text you must translate appears in the source languages you chose earlier in the Settings page. Just type in the correct translation and click on Submit if you are absolutely sure about your translation or Suggest if you want someone else to review and submit your suggestion. If you are not quite sure about your translation, you can submit the string ticking the Fuzzy checkbox. And if you have absolutely no idea about how to translate the given string, don’t worry – simply click on Next and you will be taken to the next untranslated string. The same thing happens once you have clicked either Submit or Suggest buttons.

Suggesting a translation

Suggesting a translation

And once you have got until here, you are now ready to translate the whole language! Easy, don’t you think? For additional help, tips or tricks or getting to know other translators you can always write to the Internationalization mailing list.

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Zentyal Academy – Training the future system administrators



As few of you might remember, Zentyal Academy (eBox Academy at that moment) was launched last April and as we’ve been working hard on it ever since, I thought about giving you an update on our advances!

If you are not yet familiar with Zentyal Academy, you should know that it is a certified training program similar to Microsoft IT Academy or Cisco Networking Academy. The program is mainly aimed at vocational education centers (it is compatible with the European vocational curriculum) and its main purpose is to complement the currently offered Linux-based network management training with practical knowledge and easy-to-use open source network management tool.

Since the publication of the academy program, we have been working on a pilot program with about ten vocational education centers located in the region in order to improve the courseware offered to the Zentyal Training Academies – Currently we’re in the final phase of the pilot program and we believe we’ve improved enormously both the course contents and the training platform, as well as the complementary materials offered to teachers.

However, although the course contents and training materials are undoubtedly the hearth and soul of our academy program, they are not nearly enough to respond comprehensively to the needs and expectations of both education centers and the students. During the last six months we’ve finished preparing two indispensable complements: the certification exam (Zentyal Certified Associate) and the “Zentyal for Network Administrators” manual, that is currently available in Spanish. And simultaneously, we’ve also prepared special Training Academy materials, such as presentations, posters, plaques… that help to communicate better the value of the Zentyal Academy program in the interested education centers.

And the future looks bright! Just few months ago we signed a partnership agreement with the very first Regional Training Academy (for Spain), that will be in charge of managing and supporting all those public and private education centers that want to introduce certified Zentyal training to their training programs. And during the first quarter of this year we plan to have the “Zentyal for Network Administrators” manual available also in English, thing that – we believe – will help us to expand the academy program further in Europe and elsewhere.

Interested in becoming a Zentyal Training Academy? Simply fill in this form or drop us a line. Or leave any additional questions below in the comments!

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On how rafting makes a great team (and why “Vaaaamos” is our battle cry)



Few months ago part of the Zentyal Team had the chance to pack up their bags and head to Münster, Germany, for a few days thanks to a kind invitation from a warm-hearted Zentyal fan. Besides intensive programming marathons, documentation writing sessions and more or less harmonious coexistence, we also took the time to do some sightseeing, enjoy the local cuisine (yummy!) and make some field trips.

One of the trips I best recall was to do some river rafting on the outskirts of Münster. Our initial idea was to get some individual canoes and race, but as soon as we got to the river, we spotted a huge 10-seater canoe and immediately thought it would be much funnier trying to “drive that thing” together. After having successfully boarded the canoe, unbelievably without anyone falling to the river (and to the disappointment of our German audience), we set out straightaway for new adventures!

However, “the thing” wasn’t so straightforward “to drive” as it first seemed. After we had nearly crashed with five other canoes, multiple tree branches and shorelines, we ended up holding an emergency meeting between laughters, yells of desperation and water splashes. The decision was quick: we needed one person to direct the canoe, one to set the rhythm for rowing and the rest of us just needed to keep up with the beat.

No need to say that our improvement was tremendous. And as by common agreement, we started setting our rowing rhythm by shouting “vaaamos” (Spanish word to say “let’s go”) that not only helped us to coordinate our efforts even better, but also caused great amusement to our German co-rafters – another good reason to keep repeating it even louder while we rowed at frightful speed until our energies were gone.

A good memory that always makes me smile. Cool lesson on teamwork. And a worthy battle cry for Zentyal Team ;)! Vaaaaamos!

The new name for eBox Platform is Zentyal!



As Ignacio and Roxane already tipped you off in their previous posts, eBox Platform changes name and yes, now the new name is official! From the 1st of September eBox Platform will be Zentyal! We hope you like how it sounds :)!

If you read Ignacio’s post, you already know that the most important reason for changing the name of eBox Platform was that it does not correspond with what the product is and what we do. Simply put: “eBox Platform” or “eBox” suggest that the software comes in a box (server hardware, appliance…) and this is definitely not the case. eBox Platform is purely server software that comes with a cloud-based subscription services.

As Roxane described in her post, choosing the new name for eBox Platform was quite a lengthy process. Once the eBox Team rolled up their sleeves and started the search armed with a tough requirement list, we came up with over 1.000 names. Of this list, first 85, then three and eventually one name, Zentyal, was selected. So, why this name?

Well, to start with, we believe that the name Zentyal reflects better the product itself. The main aim of eBox Platform has always been and is, to make something as essential as network management easy and secure. At least to the eBox Team the word “Zentyal” transmits the qualities of Zen, such as intuition, insight, balance and coolness together with the qualities of Essential, such as easy, basic, fundamental and necessary. All pretty matching qualities for what we aim to do, I would say.

And on a side note, regarding the more practical side of the new name, we believe that Zentyal is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and short. Moreover, the word is pronounced similarly both in English and Spanish, that is a great plus ;)!

So, how many repeats does it take to get used to the new name? Well, some, but as I and the whole eBox Team believe that this was the correct decision, we feel proud and excited to start this new chapter in our story! In addition, we have pre-announced the new name already to partners and some community members and so far, we have only encountered positive comments regarding the change which is truly encouraging.

So, what do you think about it? Feel free to leave any comments to this post or in the Forum :)!

Instructions truly ARE an option (sometimes)



So after two hours of trying to configure prepaid Saunalahti 3G connection in a mobile phone, I finally gave up and decided that I wouldn’t lose anything if I actually tried to read the instructions. And there it was, Saunalahti is nowadays Elisa and being called Elisa… well, just sometimes it makes a world of difference ;)!

Yo, happy birthday eBox!



We had the pleasure to celebrate eBox’s very first birthday in February :)!! Yes, I know it took long to publish a photo, but yes, we did all survive the party ;)!!

Here you have two model eBoxers celebrating, after a suberb vaudeville show, dinner and some birthday gifts :P!




Classified under “life’s little discoveries”: javivazquez’s dancing shoes shine at night (in the words of Fast Show “They’re brilliant!”)

I think this will be the one and only photo of that Friday night I’m able to post without censure ;)!!

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