A fresh start

Fresh startSo, this is it, I am starting again a new blog. The fifth blog if I remember correctly. It is refreshing to start again from scratch, with new ideas, new challenges, new working mates, new context.

My previous professional blog, Embracing Open Sources, was written during my work as a CEO at Warp Networks, a Spanish open source system integrator, as a place to analyze the open source movement from a general point of view. Now that I got to become the CEO of eBox Technologies, the approach I want to follow with this new blog is completely different. My challenge has shifted from a project-based company mainly focused in a local-national market and where every partner is a worker, to an open-source product-based startup, going global from the beginning and with a non-negligible complexity in handling the relation with the different stakeholders. I think the challenges we are facing and the experience we will gain in doing so might be intrinsically interesting and that’s what this blog will be about: sharing the lessons we gain in learning to fly, in trying to make eBox one of the top solutions for the IT management for SMBs around the world. If you liked this introduction stay tuned for new posts!

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