ANSTE presented at MySQL conference

April 23, 2009

Yesterday, Jorge Bernal from eBox technologies and Víctor Jiménez from Warp Networks did a presentation called Testing the Cluster with ANSTE.

Sadly, I couldn’t be there but I’m sure it was very interesting. At least we can see the slides here.

Altough ANSTE was created for testing eBox, this is a example of how it can be useful for many other projects.

ANSTE 0.6 released

April 12, 2009

In 2007, my workmate Isaac wrote a post about ANSTE. That was for sure the first reference of it on the Internet. A few days ago ANSTE appeared on the FLOSS Weekly #62 with Isaac and Javier as special guests talking about eBox. It was a very interesting and funny program and I’m happy seeing that my project has appeared on a so important podcast.

Now, I’m proud to announce that ANSTE has reached the 0.6 version, that comes with some minor improvements that will make the life of the test developer easier.

You can get the anste package from the following repository:

deb ./

Happy testing!