ANSTE 0.7 released!

December 25, 2009

After seven months of the 0.6 release, ANSTE 0.7 is finally out. The project has been a bit abandoned because I have been very busy working on eBox.

Some of the new features were implemented time ago, but I was waiting for a big one for the new release, and precisely my work at eBox Technologies has brought me the opportunity to do it.  We are adding multi-gateway support to eBox with DHCP and PPPoE interfaces (currently it only supported it with static ones).

With this feature implemented eBox will take a big step forward to become the reference in the open source small business server market.

Now ANSTE is capable of easily simulate DHCP and PPPoE routers, this way we can automatize all the testing of the new features.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes:

  • Added new router types with dhcp and pppoe
  • Added user-extensions and single-window settings for Selenium
  • Now -wait-fail option gives the opportunity of retry a test
  • Added new protocol and firefox-profile settings for Selenium
  • Added precondition attributes (var and eq) to <host> test elements
  • Added <precondition> element to include <test> and <host> only if
    condition is satisfied
  • Bugfix: use flock for allowing only one instance of anste
  • Added name of the user that executed ANSTE on the HTML report
  • Bugfix: missing HTML report generation time
  • Added scripts executed to the test results

You can get the anste package from the usual repository:

deb ./