What does the new Zentyal name means for you as an eBox user?

Hi all!

There is only a day left before our brand new release! I want to explain you some things about the name change from the technical point of view, but if you are a current fan of eBox, I’ll explain also what other things you should do if you haven’t done them yet 😉

First of all, our websites and emails are going to change from tomorrow on. It’s simple:

  • http://www.ebox-technologies.com is now http://www.zentyal.com
  • All the email addresses @ebox-technologies.com are now @zentyal.com
  • http://www.ebox-platform.com is now http://www.zentyal.org
  • All the email addresses @ebox-platform.com are now @zentyal.org
  • Remember to update your bookmarks and address books!

    If you use Facebook or Twitter, don’t forget to become a fan of Zentyal or follow us in our new Zentyal twitter account.

    IRC and mailing lists have also changed: you will be automatically switched to the new mailing lists (and probably you have already received the mails notifying that). Anyway, here’s a reminder of the new lists:

  • ebox-announce will become zentyal-announce
  • ebox-commits will become zentyal-commits
  • ebox-devel will become zentyal-devel
  • ebox-i18n will become zentyal-i18n
  • ebox-user will become zentyal-users
  • ebox-user-es will become zentyal-users-es
  • If you are an IRC user, remember to change your client configuration to point to the new channels: #zentyal and #zentyal-es (for Spanish speakers). The IRC server is still irc.freenode.net.

    Let’s go now with the software-related stuff. First of all, here are the new launchpad PPA with the official packages and the Zentyal SourceForge project with the ISO images.

    Finally, as doing a complete rebranding of the product just before a stable release is a bit risky, we have decided to use still some references to eBox to avoid any potential trouble. For this reason, you will still find “eBox” in the URL’s of the web application, in the name and path of the scripts, log files (/var/log/ebox/ebox.log), configuration files (/etc/ebox), etc. However, these references will be changed in the future but we’ll have to live with it in 2.0.

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