Zentyal 2.1 beta release: Changes for users

I’m going to talk again about changes, as I already did with my earlier post about rebranding changes. This time the changes are also mainly related to the rebranding from eBox Platform to Zentyal, but more from a technical point of view.

When we prepared the Zentyal 2.0 release, we focused our attention on the most visible stuff: logos, brand texts and the like. We avoided making more “low-level” changes in order to not jeopardize the stability of the product. But once the 2.1 development has started, we have paid some more attention to this, trying to remove most of the eBox Platform references, mainly in file names and URLs. So far I think we have done a good job, and despite 2.1 being a beta release, it is currently pretty stable. On a side note, I want to encourage you to help us testing this beta version so that we can improve it further ;)!

So, here is the list of the most relevant changes that may affect you in some way while administering your Zentyal Server:

  • Probably one of the most important changes is this new way to restart services in commandline: /etc/init.d/zentyal $modulename restart
  • We have changed all the packages names, so that now they are all zentyal-* instead of ebox-*. In addition, the “ebox” package is now zentyal-core and the old “libebox” package is now “zentyal-common“. There is also one minor change in the name (ebox-usersandgroups has become zentyal-users), and finally the usercorner functionality is now inside the new zentyal-usercorner package, making its installation completely optional. The “zentyal” package is a metapackage depending on the core plus the Software Management module.
  • The i18n system has been revamped and this has helped us to fix lots of issues, but furthermore it also comes with a big change: the translations for each country code are now on separated language packages, for example: language-pack-zentyal-es for Spanish
  • If you face any problems, this is another important file to check: the main log has been moved from /var/log/ebox/ebox.log to /var/log/zentyal/zentyal.log
  • In general any “ebox” directory in the filesystem is now called “zentyal”, for example: /etc/zentyal, /var/lib/zentyal, /usr/share/zentyal-*
  • Utility script names have also changed, all the “ebox-*” prefixes have been removed to avoid redundancy with the directory name, for example, the old /usr/share/ebox-usersandgroups/ebox-usersandgoups/reinstall is now just /usr/share/zentyal-users/reinstall
  • All the URLs on the administration web interface are now https://your_ip/zentyal instead of /ebox. This shouldn’t affect you too much, because even if you have bookmarks to them, there is also a redirection for making the transition easier
  • As you can imagine, there are many more changes in this 2.1 release, if you’re interested you can see the full changelog here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the community forum or as a comment in this post.

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