Good bye Linux, say hello to Zentyal Hurd!

April 1, 2011

Zentyal Hurd logo

Warning: This was an April’s fools joke!

When we started Zentyal we had in mind that a good design for any serverĀ software has to be based on modularity and security, so, after a long deliberation we have finally decided to give an important (and unavoidable) step in the evolution of this project. From 2.2 on, Zentyal won’t be based anymore on Linux in favor of GNU/Hurd.

We have made this decision after the recent visit of Richard Stallman to our region. We had the opportunity to talk to him and he dedicated great words to this microkernel project “The Hurd offers interesting, powerful capabilities. For instance, you can write your own filesystem, so you could implement any sort of behavior you want and package it as a file. It offers the possibility of implementing sandboxes, where you can run a program but have another program monitoring all its I/O to make sure it doesn’t start writing in files it wasn’t expected to”, great advantages for a project like Zentyal. These capabilities will allow us to map our modules to kernel services providing a new generation of small bussiness servers with the highests standards of robustness and security.

Not everything are good news though, some of the software we depend on is not available for this operating system, so from now on, we’ll need more than ever your contributions, join the Hurd!