Good bye Linux, say hello to Zentyal Hurd!

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Warning: This was an April’s fools joke!

When we started Zentyal we had in mind that a good design for any server software has to be based on modularity and security, so, after a long deliberation we have finally decided to give an important (and unavoidable) step in the evolution of this project. From 2.2 on, Zentyal won’t be based anymore on Linux in favor of GNU/Hurd.

We have made this decision after the recent visit of Richard Stallman to our region. We had the opportunity to talk to him and he dedicated great words to this microkernel project “The Hurd offers interesting, powerful capabilities. For instance, you can write your own filesystem, so you could implement any sort of behavior you want and package it as a file. It offers the possibility of implementing sandboxes, where you can run a program but have another program monitoring all its I/O to make sure it doesn’t start writing in files it wasn’t expected to”, great advantages for a project like Zentyal. These capabilities will allow us to map our modules to kernel services providing a new generation of small bussiness servers with the highests standards of robustness and security.

Not everything are good news though, some of the software we depend on is not available for this operating system, so from now on, we’ll need more than ever your contributions, join the Hurd!

13 Responses to “Good bye Linux, say hello to Zentyal Hurd!”

  1.   Ivan Says:

    Que es esto? Va a cambiar algo de Zentyal? Un nuevo Zentyal?

  2.   zaher kadour Says:

    Are this an April Fools?

  3.   Javier Says:

    I propossed years ago for this chagne but I seems that RMS was needed to change your minds.

    The new logo is awesome but I rather have a spheric rubik-cube with green and orange squares.

  4.   Quique Says:

    About time! 😀

  5.   Isaac Says:

    Love the idea! Zentyal is going to rock even more with this move!

  6.   YiyiMan Says:

    This is a joke, right?
    Otherwise you’ll have to implement some kind of virtualization to implement all those features Zentyal doesn’t have , in virtual machines (I bet you can’t EASILY integrate Subsonic with Zentyal on GNU/Hurd, for instance.)

  7.   jacalvo Says:

    Yes, of course this was an April Fools joke 😉

  8.   leo128 Says:

    In italiano, de Roma in particolare:
    “Mortacci tua m’hai fatto cagà sotto!(Pesce d’Aprile riuscito)”

    Which basically means you made me s**t down my pants… :-)

  9.   Coward Says:

    Nice post, I nearly got caught on this one today.

  10.   JMR Says:

    Funny…..even more funny when you consider the “Hurd” was nothing but a make-believe thing, after all how long has it been by now? RMS was never able to get a Kernel out the door….it took a Linus Torvalds to actually do it!!

    I like RMS and do appreciate his crusade for free software, but sometimes he is too radical and obstinate for his own good. I’m more practical and realistic

    Long Live Linux and Open Source!!

  11.   c4rdinal Says:

    Though the GNU/Hurd offers some promising features, I don’t like the idea because if this will be the case, all updates and functionality will all be coming from Zentyal. All other applications built for Linux shall hard to adopt. There are times that people using Zentyal would like to install Linux programs not included in Zentyal packages…

    I hope the Developer will reconsider their plan.

    I love Zentyal, I just hope it will stay with Linux.

    All the best!

  12.   Angry@Zentyal Says:

    I happened across this post yesterday while searching for some answers on Zentyal. I immediately began thinking of how I might migrate my production server away from Zentyal.

    Today I did some reading up on GNU/Hurd and discovered that it’s not actually usable yet, so I came back to this blog, and only then noticed the April 1 date and the comments.

    IT’S NOT A FUNNY JOKE. IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE. You have violated my trust, wasted my time, and I regret that I chose to depend on you.

  13.   I'm with Angry Says:

    I have to agree with Angry@Zentyal. I just posted to my LUG mailing list the announcement about 2.2 going stable and the second response on the list was from a member who read the blog without checking the date or comments. There is nothing wrong with a little April fools mayhem but I suggest you delete the post in the interest of helping those less astute.

    All the best, I’m with Angry

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