Zentyal Mobile Edition coming soon!

April 1, 2012

Warning: This was an April’s fools joke!

We’ve been working on this new edition of Zentyal server during the past months, and now we have the first results, we wanted to share it with the all community to get feedback and start recruiting volunteers for testing.

We think mobile computing is the future, but the recent merge of Android into the Linux 3.3 has definitely enlightened us. And we’ve made it! A native port of Zentyal for Android phones. You have an out-of-the-box gateway in your mobile, using the 3G/4G as external interface and the WiFi hotspot of the USB cable as the internal one if you only need one client. All the Zentyal services are now in your phone. You can use it to serve web pages, share files, or make VoIP calls. Exciting, isn’t it?

Now the bad news: we will try to improve this in the future, but currently it only runs on mobiles shipping a dual-core processor and 1GB of memory. Also you will need a rooted terminal for obvious reasons.

Below you can see the Zentyal 2.3 packages converted from .deb to .apk running on my Galaxy Nexus:

Zentyal Mobile Edition

This is still alpha, but the first beta will be available for free on the Android Market (aka Google Play) in a couple of weeks!

We are not forgetting iPhone users, but they’ll have to wait some months to download it on the Apple Store for just $10 or €10 depending on your country.