The UDS experience

May 22, 2012

About a week ago, Jorge Salamero (a.k.a. bencer) and me returned from California, where we attended the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland.

As Zentyal is Ubuntu-based distribution and we are every time more and more integrated in the Ubuntu project, we wanted to spread the word about Zentyal among those Ubuntu developers who didn’t know about Zentyal yet, get more involved in the Ubuntu community, meet people face to face, learn about the plans for the next Ubuntu releases, etc. Moreover, we had the chance to give some workshops about power management, better integration with Ubuntu, graphical interface for Active Directory and integration with Edubuntu. I hope Jorge will have some time to write a post about the conclusions of them Also, we were able to do a quick Zentyal demo during the Jam Session on Thursday.

In overall, the whole week was very funny and successful, but there was something that was really cool: Christophe Sauthier (a.k.a huats) participated in the Juju charms development contest implementing the deployment of a Zentyal master-slave scenario just with three commands (I also hope he will blog about this more deeply). The thing is that from between the 25 charms participating in the contest, they picked Zentyal with just a few more to deploy a sample scenario during the plenary sessions to demonstrate the power of Juju ;)!

Here are a couple of photos of the Juju demonstration (sorry for the bad quality):

Diagram of the juju deployment with the two Zentyal servers in the middle

Dashboard of Zentyal deployed with juju

I also want to highlight the huge amount of nice people we met there for the first time. Here are some photos of people who won the Zentyal t-shirt, featuring James Page and John Lenton, both with Jorge:

James Page happy with his brand new Zentyal t-shirt

Chipaca and Bencer wearing the Zentyal t-shirts

And also Jono Bacon with the limited Heavy Metal special edition:

Jono feeling the power of Zentyal

See you in next UDS!