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Growing records in the eBox forum

November 1st, 2009 · No Comments

October has been a good month for records, our community is growing fast.

Last month, 163 users have enrolled in our forum, the main site for sharing ideas about the future of eBox Platform and getting free (as in beer) support.

eBox forum will reach 2.000 registered users before December. As of today, we are more than 1.900, from which 725 came in the last 6 months.

Directly from the stats section of the forum, 2009 October’s records:

  • 163 new users registered. An impressive 21,6% growth compared to the last top: 134 in September.
  • 184 new topics and 931 posts. 167 topics and 773 posts were the former highest, reached in May.

Another record is related to the number of downloads for the eBox 1.2 iso, more that 8.300 during October from the new Sourceforge repository.  Another 20% increase compared to September less than 7.000.

Worth to say that those downloads don’t take into account our under development unstable release eBox 1.3, only for installation through packages, neither eBox deployments from Ubuntu repositories.

Therefore, both new users registered in eBox forum and the number of downloads of our eBox 1.2 iso have grown ~20% in the last month, compared to the former one. It seems to point out we are in the right path.

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eBox as a Platform

September 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Being eBox Platform the main product of our company, the title of this post could be just a nice play on words…

However, reading on the open source and business model debate, from Stephen Walli‘s to Mat Assay’s blogs, I believe I got to something interesting around eBox Platform as a platform, despite of (please forgive) the repetition.

From the latter, Mat Assay’s “Product management goes open source”:

[…] We were so busy marketing our vision that we almost missed listening to our users’ vision(s) […]

[…] open-source companies, if they listen to their users, are well-positioned to build platforms that can become the lifeblood of enterprise IT […]

If you ask me which is the eBox’s vision, I would speak about our perspective instead: eBox Technologies and eBox Platform desire to be for Linux in the server, what Canonical and Ubuntu have been for Linux in the desktop.

And the key point is: how are we building it?… Listening to our users and clients (our partners), so supporting them to develop their business using eBox as a Platform.

Not by chance, eBox Technologies is a 100% partner-focused company. Not by chance, our partner program puts the stress on flexibility, strongly encouraging our partners to develop their own value on top of eBox, even building eBox based products to be re-branded. Mixed, combined or pure, but always flexible.

Whether a mini data-center, a security/VPN appliance, or a micro home sever; eBox is being customized and combined to fit in every hole… Because marketing such a horizontal product would be much difficult without partners which struggle for their picked niches with self adapted tools.

It’s not a new business model neither a brand new strategy, but just a(nother) way to explain Ebox’s perspective.

Paraphrasing both Stephen and Matt blogs, I feel like “in the open road, once more unto the breach”.

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Business model

June 27th, 2009 · No Comments

I remember my days working for a free software services company, where people asked once and again: “how do you make money from open source?”. The answer was simple: “We sell time (hours), like lawyers do”.

Obviously, it’s not that easy, but it worked.

From a open source product company, such eBox Technologies Zentyal is, the answer is also short, but it needs a longer explanation: “We combine open source with SaaS”.

eBox Technologies Zentyal is a 100% channel focused company, say, we sell through our global partner network: VARs (Value Added Resellers) and MSPs (Managed Services Providers).

We offer to those IT companies the technology and services to fulfill their customers’ computer networks needs.

On the one hand, the support and training services for efficiently deploying and administering any network service that a SMB requires. eBox Platform Zentyal Server, Linux small business server (SBS), rules them all: Gateway, UTM, Infrastucture, Office and Unified Communications Server. It’s open source and it’s free.

On the other hand, a fault-tolerant solution to administer and monitor eBox Platform installations from a single interface. eBox Control Center Zentyal Cloud is SaaS, web based and from the cloud.

In summary, eBox Technologies targets the SMB market through a global partner network formed by VARs and MSPs, offering them an open source unified network server –eBox Platform Zentyal Server- and the SaaS technology to efficiently manage it –eBox Control Center Zentyal Cloud- .

It’s a business model designed for growth and world domination.

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