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eBox as a Platform

September 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Being eBox Platform the main product of our company, the title of this post could be just a nice play on words…

However, reading on the open source and business model debate, from Stephen Walli‘s to Mat Assay’s blogs, I believe I got to something interesting around eBox Platform as a platform, despite of (please forgive) the repetition.

From the latter, Mat Assay’s “Product management goes open source”:

[…] We were so busy marketing our vision that we almost missed listening to our users’ vision(s) […]

[…] open-source companies, if they listen to their users, are well-positioned to build platforms that can become the lifeblood of enterprise IT […]

If you ask me which is the eBox’s vision, I would speak about our perspective instead: eBox Technologies and eBox Platform desire to be for Linux in the server, what Canonical and Ubuntu have been for Linux in the desktop.

And the key point is: how are we building it?… Listening to our users and clients (our partners), so supporting them to develop their business using eBox as a Platform.

Not by chance, eBox Technologies is a 100% partner-focused company. Not by chance, our partner program puts the stress on flexibility, strongly encouraging our partners to develop their own value on top of eBox, even building eBox based products to be re-branded. Mixed, combined or pure, but always flexible.

Whether a mini data-center, a security/VPN appliance, or a micro home sever; eBox is being customized and combined to fit in every hole… Because marketing such a horizontal product would be much difficult without partners which struggle for their picked niches with self adapted tools.

It’s not a new business model neither a brand new strategy, but just a(nother) way to explain Ebox’s perspective.

Paraphrasing both Stephen and Matt blogs, I feel like “in the open road, once more unto the breach”.

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eBox’s perspective

April 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Listening to one of the last podcast from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner, Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, talks about the importance of a company’s vision.

To scape from the grandiosity of that “vision” word, in many minds exclusive for the big visionaries, Jensen Huang points out “perspective” as a better way to express the particular manner that anyone has to see the world, everyone has an own perspective about the world.

eBox’s perspective is to make eBox Platform globally the best tool for efficient administration of computer networks and to adapt its value offering according to the contexts and needs of each market through the partner network.

However, I would like to share with you another way to tell which our perspective is:

eBox Technologies and eBox platform desire to be for Linux in the server, what Canonical and Ubuntu have been for Linux in the desktop.

Say, to provide a wide set of well known free software server technologies, fully integrated and easy to install and manage through a few clicks: a GNU/Linux server directly out of the box.

That’s our perspective, probably big enough to deserve to be (also) our vision.

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